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Reveal the consumer identities of your store traffic.

  • Who is it for: VitalEdge Pixel Staging is designed for eCommerce store owners who want to test and optimize their website's conversion rate using Facebook Pixel data.
  • Main features:
    • Easy installation of Facebook Pixel tracking code
    • A/B testing of website variations
    • Detailed reporting on website performance and user behavior
  • How it works:
    • VitalEdge Pixel Staging allows you to create different versions of your website and test them against each other using Facebook Pixel data to track user behavior and conversion rates.
    • The app provides detailed reporting on user behavior and performance to help you optimize your website for maximum conversion.
  • Pricing: VitalEdge Pixel Staging is free.
  • CTA: Try VitalEdge Pixel Staging today to start optimizing your website's conversion rate and driving more sales.


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