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Ecommerce platform to sell products & services online.

  • Who is it for: Uvodo is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses who wants to start selling quickly and manage their earnings easily from one platform. 
  • Main features:
    • You get instant online store one you've created Uvodo account.
    • Free uvo.do subdomain is included in all plans.
    • No add-ons & apps are needed: marketing & automation tools are natively integrated .
    • You can generate a quick selling link for a product and accept payments quickly just by sharing the link without selling on Uvodo store without creating a bank account.
    • Built-in leading (PayPal & Stripe) and region-specific payment gateways (Flutterwave, Razorpay, Vipps, etc.)
    • You can get paid with Uvodo Payments, keep your earnings in Uvodo Balance, and spend with Uvodo Card.
    • Native Cash on Delivery payment.
  • How it works:
    1. You can start selling online with Uvodo for free. To get started with Uvodo, you just need to create an account.
    2. Once your account is created, you get an instant online store.
    3. Moving forward, you can enable payment gateway, set up shipping & tax rules, add products, and start selling.
    4. Additionally, you can enable marketing (Meta Pixel, TikTok pixel) and tracking (Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager) tools for your marketing campaigns.
  • Pricing: Uvodo offers free plan for small businesses. Paid plans start from $19/month.
  • CTA: Start selling online with Uvodo for free, collect payments, and manage your earnings however you like!


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