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Streamline your Shipping, Order Fulfillment and experience Unbeatable rates with SHIPSHOP.

  • Who is it for: Shopify store owners who want to streamline their shipping process and provide a seamless shipping experience to their customers.
  • Main features:
    • Multiple carrier integration: Connect your Shopify store with popular shipping carriers to easily manage shipping and tracking.
    • Real-time shipping rates: Display accurate shipping rates at checkout based on carrier calculations and settings.
    • Order fulfillment automation: Automate the process of generating shipping labels and tracking numbers for orders.
    • Shipment tracking: Provide customers with real-time tracking information for their orders.
  • How it works:
    1. Install the ShipShop app from the Shopify App Store.
    2. Connect your preferred shipping carriers to your Shopify store.
    3. Set up your shipping preferences, including shipping rates and label generation settings.
    4. ShipShop will integrate with your carriers to calculate real-time shipping rates and generate shipping labels.
    5. Customers will receive tracking information for their orders, allowing them to track their shipments.
  • Pricing: The app is free to install. Additional charges may apply.
  • CTA: Simplify your shipping process and enhance the customer experience! Install ShipShop now to streamline your shipping operations.


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