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Exactly what you need when shipping via Planzer. All-round unparalleled delivery experience!

  • Who is it for: Shopify merchants in Germany who want to integrate with Planzer Paket for shipping and logistics management
  • Main features:
    • Seamless integration with Planzer Paket for shipping and order fulfillment
    • Automatic order import and tracking updates
    • Real-time shipping rates calculation
  • How it works:
    1. Install the app and connect it to your Planzer Paket account
    2. Sync your Shopify orders with Planzer Paket for shipping management
    3. Track shipments and provide customers with real-time tracking updates
  • Pricing: Free to install. Additional charges may apply.
  • CTA: Streamline your shipping and logistics processes with Plug Planzer Paket for your Shopify store today!


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