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Simplify your life, save time in your store billing.

  • Who is it for: Billin is a Shopify app designed for eCommerce store owners who want to automate their invoicing and payment collection process.
  • Main features:
    • Automates your invoicing and payment collection process.
    • Allows you to create professional-looking invoices in multiple languages.
    • Provides a payment gateway that supports multiple payment methods.
    • Integrates with popular accounting software for easy bookkeeping.
  • How it works:
    1. Install the app and connect your store.
    2. Create invoices for your customers and send them via email.
    3. Your customers can then pay their invoices directly through the app's payment gateway.
    4. The app automatically reconciles your payments with your accounting software.
  • Pricing: Billin is free to install. Additional charges may apply.
  • CTA: Streamline your invoicing and payment collection process with Billin. Try it today!


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