Best Shopify Apps for Store Design

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Store Design

Did you know that it takes 50 milliseconds for someone to determine whether they’re going to stay on your site or leave? That’s 0.05 seconds, or half the time it takes you to blink. 🤯

Having said all that, you’re forced to do everything you can in order to leave a stunning first impression on customers. But, it’s not that hard, as you can utilize the help of Shopify store design apps and make it seem as if a professional had designed your site.

There are countless benefits these types of apps can bring to your store. It’s also important to know what you’re looking for exactly so that you know which apps to choose. It’s not just about choosing the best Dropshipping niche that’s most profitable, you also have to ensure that your store stands out and entices visitors to stay, purchase, and come back again.

Here, you can have a look at a few of the most important benefits and features that many store design apps on Shopify can contribute to your online dropshipping store.

Benefits of Store Design

store design shopify apps

Customize Everything

Don’t like templates? Customize your store pages to the tiniest details with versatile drag & drop editors.

store design shopify

Great First Impression

In business, first impressions are everything. Some of the best store design apps can help you wow every single visitor that enters your store.


shopify store design apps

Smooth Navigation

Allow customers to effortlessly navigate through your store and find everything they’re looking for.



Increase Conversion Rate

✓ Retain customers and increase conversions with easy store navigation and filtering

✓ Design an effortless and simple shopping experience to reduce abandoned carts

✓ Prevent visitors from leaving instantly by decreasing page load time

Stand Out and Build Trust

✓ Unlock full customization over every detail on all your store pages

✓ Use tested and proven app suggestions on how to perfectly adjust your store design

✓ Implement seasonal holiday effects on your store pages and offer a more unique experience


Sell Globally With Ease

✓ Instantly adjust default store currency based on each visitors location

✓ Automatically change store default language based on visitor location

✓ Quickly redirect visitors based on their location if you have multiple stores with different Geo IPs

Best Apps for

Store Design

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