Death Wish Coffee

Death wish coffee is a website for selling coffee, claiming that is a powerful coffee, under the motto “THE WORLD’S STRONGEST COFFEE”. They have an interesting way of expressing their speech, by using a lot of metaphors and a strong “we challenge you” attitude, which is a great marketing trick. This eCommerce store has over 22.3K visitors per month, and a bounce rate of 36.4%.

Starting from the Alexa rank – #28,066, we can realize that we are reviewing a very good dropshipping store. So, let’s dive in and check what to consider when building a store!

The website has a horizontal fly-out navigation menu, that is well organized and simple. It consists of 5 well-defined and understandable main categories. Each category has sub-categories that are also corresponding and understandable for users, that will know exactly what information they will find under a specific category. This saves time for users to find the information they need ( with only 2-3 clicks), which shows us that this site has excellent navigation and is user-friendly.

Also, extremely important for attracting potential customers, the logo of the website is placed above in the header center, and it is used as a link used to take the user back to the home page. This is a good escape hatch trick that helps users go back to the “safe place” if they are lost! But, sometimes, this logo position can be confusing, because visitors seek logos mostly in the left upper corner of the website.

On the right upper side, next to the menu there are clickable icons for log in/sign up, shopping cart, and search. The website’s search is easy, even recommending trending searches, but the log-in button can be confusing because not all users know its function before they click on it.

 Furthermore, all the important buttons have attractive colors, that catch the visitor’s eye, for ex. the “shop now” button on the home page.

The death wish coffee dropshipping store, also has well-organized content. One point for this too! Because content is significant to keep your visitors and make them your customers. So the content must be interesting! This dropshipping store is a great example of this, showing a diversity of content. It has a category- shop, broken down into well-defined sub-categories. 

Each sub-category presents the products they sell, with high-quality pictures and good product descriptions. What is even more intimidating is, that this dropshipping store gives a heavy base of customers review for every single product they sell, once you click on each product!  They also offer additional content that adds value for users, like, podcasts, blogs, etc.

It is of great importance to building social trust through your dropshipping store, this not only helps you to improve your search engine presence, but it results in increased sales!

This dropshipping store does that by offering Help and FAQ, Privacy policy, customers reviews on every single page, starting from the home page to every single product page, descriptions about “how it works”, etc. So, consider adding value in every possible way!

To enhance the customer experience, the latest release from Death Wish Coffee will be the first thing you see on the homepage (after the subscription popup). Scroll down to find the original DWC, complete with an easy add-to-cart button or subscribe option.

The website has a footer, which is very important for navigation, and SEO, consisting of some of the most crucial web pages on their dropshipping store.

It also has links to all of its social media platforms, using the platforms logo!

The website’s layout is simple, using the fullscreen image layout, which is smart because it is a very eye-catching and immersive homepage design. They also use a grid of cards layout on the home page and almost on every other. This is pleasant because allows you to present a lot of information more simply.

Another good thing about the layout is that they are using contrasting colors ( black and white, and red on something important), which helps you to point out the content from the background. 

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