We Partner with Chargeflow To Help eCommerce businesses recover Chargebacks

Introducing Chargeflow – the fully automated solution that recovers chargebacks for your business, on Autopilot.

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Complete Chargeback Automation For Dropshippers

Spend your time figuring out how to acquire more customers and taking your brand to the next level. We will take care of the time-consuming, repetitive task that can make or break your bottom line.

100% Automated chargeback management

No set-up fees, monthly fees or contracts

The world's most robust chargeback response

Optimized for Dropshipping

We know how frustrating it is receiving lots of disputes from your customers due to your supplier’s mistakes. We’re here to help you with that.

Chargeflow advanced systems automatically adapts to your store’s business model by optimizing ChargeResponse® to create a better, more personalized responses while taking your business model in consideration.

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Two-Clicks Integration

We have made it easy as a pie to add Chargeflow extremely advanced systems to any eCommerce website, small or big. No sales or integration calls needed. Sign up from our website with 2-clicks, and Chargeflow is ready to win more disputes for you.

Full automation

No other company on earth features full automation, from signup, to integrating your platform and payment processor, to responding to your disputes and winning them. You don’t have to worry about disputes and chargebacks once you’ve signed up for Chargeflow. We’ve got you covered.

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How Chargeflow Works?

1. New disputes are pulled automatically

2. ChargeScore® is calculated

3. We generate a ChargeResponse®

4. We human-proof your ChargeResponse®

5. You Win.

1. New disputes are pulled automatically

1. New disputes are pulled automatically

Chargeflow securely fetches new disputes and chargebacks in real-time from your connected payment processors.

2. ChargeScore® is calculated

2. ChargeScore® is calculated

Our system then calculates the ChargeScore® for the dispute based on your account history, evidence strength and fraud analysis to give you a rough estimate on your success probability.

3. We generate a ChargeResponse®

3. We generate a ChargeResponse®

ChargeResponse® securely pulls evidence from over 50 data points, including 3rd party data and is automatically generated by our system. ChargeResponse® is getting optimized in real-time based on your store type, dispute history and our ever-improving algorithm.

4. We human-proof your ChargeResponse®

4. We human-proof your ChargeResponse®

Your account’s Dispute Expert double-checks the dispute response before it is sent to the bank in order to make sure it is in the best position to recover your funds.

5. You Win.

5. You Win.

And there are no fixed fees! We only get paid when you do, so it’s our mission to continually increase your win rate and help settle more disputes on your behalf.

Recover Chargebacks, on Autopilot. Try Chargeflow Today.

Join hundreds of eCommerce brands using Chargeflow to automate and recover chargebacks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chargeflow is designed to protect your data. Order and payment data doesn’t leave our servers and are only used to gather specific information that is required to generate compelling evidence for chargeback responses.

Which platforms are currently supported?

Chargeflow has a direct integration with Shopify, Shopify Payments, PayPal and Stripe. However, we work with literally any payment processor out there.

How much does it cost?

Our solution costs 20% success-fee from the total recovered amount of the chargebacks we helped settle in your favor.

Do you have an ROI Guarantee?

Yes, every Chargeflow Success customer is entitled to our 5x ROI Guarantee program. That means that for every dollar you pay us, 5 dollars goes into your bank account. Isn't it great?

Is your security any good?

We built Chargeflow from the ground up with security in mind. Our system uses best-in-class SSL encryption (TLS 1.2). All of our integrations (Shopify, PayPal, Stripe) are built using the official API’s and are approved by the platforms. For more information in regards to how we handle security at Chargeflow, click here.

Are there any contracts? Monthly minimums? Setups fees?

No, nope, and… no way. We do not believe in keeping unhappy customers. It’s just not our type of doing-business. You are free to leave whenever you’d like, and there are no hidden fees.

How does ChargeScore® work?

First, Chargeflow pulls the chargeback and order information from across your data sets. It also pulls your chargebacks history and creates a valuation to your account chargebacks situation. We then push everything into our proprietary, statistically-significant AI & ML algorithms, add a bit of magic… and VOILA. You get to (almost) predict the future. Science, huh?

Can you guarantee a win-rate?

Although we maintain one of the highest win rates in the industry, we don’t have any control over who wins and who losses. That’s totally up to the acquiring bank to determine.

How do you compare to other chargeback management services?

We like to view it as a comparison to what we don’t do as opposed to what they do. They charge setup fees. We don’t. They have monthly/yearly minimums. We don’t. They require you to sign a contract for 6+ months. We don’t.