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Top 10 Places to Find Products for Dropshipping In 2022


Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, dropshipping businesses do not require having products physically in stock. But the catch is you should find products for dropshipping and suppliers to source them.

As a dropshipping entrepreneur, you do not have to ship orders yourself or hold inventory. These tasks fall on the supplier. 

You just need to come up with an excellent product idea for your dropshipping business, find reliable suppliers, run effective ad campaigns, place orders, and provide great customer support.

Fortunately, the dropshipping business model gives you the freedom and flexibility to experiment with products to sell without having to keep any inventory.

For example, if a specific product is not selling well or at all, you can easily switch to another product without thinking about lost revenue or unsold merchandise.

But you surely do not have all the time in the world to constantly experiment with new products. 

How to find products for dropshipping stores?

find products for dropshipping

Before you start placing orders, you have to find the “perfect” dropshipping products to add to your  ecommerce store.

We have put the word perfect in quotation marks because there is not such a thing as a perfect product for dropshipping.

But in order to succeed, you have to get as close to perfect as possible when choosing the products for your business.

To put it plainly, there are certain characteristics that make an item “perfect”. It goes beyond the product’s physical attributes.

It is more about consumer psychology and realizing why people purchase a certain product. 

Also, you need to find products that are in demand and likely to generate a high sales volume. The best way to pick and choose a profitable product is by doing the research beforehand. 

What are the best places to find products for dropshipping?

Luckily, there are various websites, tools, and automation software available that can help you find new product ideas and give you an understanding of what customers want and need on the market. 

To help you enter the diverse world of e-commerce, choose your products carefully, and start making money online, we have rounded up the top places to find products for dropshipping.

Here are the most useful websites, tools, and software to find products for your dropshipping business:

  1. Google Trends

Products that are currently trending are amazing options for your dropshipping business.

You can find trending products to sell online by using a popular free search tool provided by Google called Google Trends. Google Trends shows you what people in your home country or around the globe are looking for. 

This tool displays the most popular current and past search queries. Furthermore, it lets you know how much interest there is in your target product or niche and whether it is currently trending or not.

In a nutshell, it is an excellent tool to find a skyrocketing niche. Also, you can use it to monitor the positions of your competitors.  

  1. Facebook

Facebook is another free option to find products for dropshipping and what’s trending in the ecommerce industry.

Simply go to Facebook and type “40% off (or any other percent off)” or “free worldwide shipping” in the Facebook search bar. You can also click “Videos”.

The items that show up will probably be from e-commerce businesses, and you can see which ones are racking up the likes, comments, and views (all indicate how “perfect” the products are).

You can also do dropshipping product research on Facebook by using a free tool called Turbo Ad Finder. Just install it and it will only show you Facebook Ads.

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  1. Amazon

As you already know, Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world, with headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

The Amazon Movers and Shakers List are one of the most powerful, yet least popular tools for trending market research.

The Movers and Shakers List displays the best-performing products over the past 24 hours, giving you a better perspective on hot and trending products across all of Amazon’s categories.

This list gets updated every hour, which means that it is a great indicator of how Amazon buyers are currently behaving. It can help you find trending products for your dropshipping business.

  1. AliExpress Dropshipping Center

Located in China, AliExpress is one of the largest online marketplaces for buying products at much cheaper prices than Amazon. AliExpress Dropshipping Center is a free product research tool created by this online marketplace.

This tool enables you to find products from AliExpress for your online store by showing you the best-selling products on the market at a given time.

But remember that it is available for hot products on AliExpress, not your own country.

The AliExpress Dropshipping Center has a few more functionalities, like the “Product Analysis”, which reveals the exact sales volume of a specific product at the moment.

  1. EcomHunt

This is a great tool for finding hot, top-trending products, providing you with a lot of useful information about each winning dropshipping product, including product images and description; margins, costs, and profits;

Facebook ad ideas; reviews of buyers; and more. However, you will get access to this information if you are willing to pay $29 per month. 

If you want to register for a free membership, you can do so. With this kind of membership, you will approach all its winning products, but with delay in access to new products and limited features.

Check our comprehensive Ecomhunt Review to decide if the tool fits your needs. 

  1. FindNiche

A niche analytics tool for AliExpress and Shopify, FindNiche enables you to find winning products and the most profitable niches for your e-commerce business, depending on your selected criteria.

The database of this niche analytics tool includes millions of AliExpress products, thousands of niche categories, and hundreds of Shopify stores.

With this tool, you can see reviews of buyers, prices, last month’s sales, the region/country with the highest sales volume, and more.

You can opt for a free account that gives you 5 search queries daily. But for unlimited queries daily, you will have to pay $29 per month. 

  1. reveals what is trending on AliExpress, offers a curated list of winning products that you can buy directly from this online marketplace, and allows you to sort the products by category.

Here, all the products are handpicked by experts as well as reviewed for quality before publishing.

So, if you are interested in selling on AliExpress, simply sign up for a free account and this product research tool will show you amazing products from this marketplace.

Moreover, has recently created a paid plan starting from $29 per month for dropshippers who want to find the right products based on popularity, conversion, and price range on AliExpress

  1. Pexda

With its tagline “Stop wasting money on bad products,” Pexda is similar to the previous product research tools on the list. But the pricing may be a little up compared to the rest.

Pexda offers 3 pricing plans to meet your needs. The standard plan starts from $14.95 per month, with a $1.95 for 14 days to test out the tool, and 3 days delay on new winning products.

The premium plan costs $24.95 per month and the ultimate plan costs $99.95 per month. 

The key features that this product research tool provides include 24/7 support, access to unlimited products daily, Facebook Ad/AliExpress/Amazon/eBay reports, an auto hunt tool, etc. 

  1. Niche Scraper

Trusted by many dropshippers worldwide, Niche Scraper is powerful product research software that analyzes thousands of products daily to let you know which ones have the highest dropshipping potential.

It helps you research the winning products to sell on your online store, no matter where you want to sell (on WooCommerce, Shopify, Amazon, eBay, etc.) 

The best part about this product research software is that new products are constantly being added here.

Also, it has a section for hand-picked products.

It is free to register for an account to check it out, but you will only get access to winning products after 3 days delay, together with limited access to other advanced features.

For more advanced features with no limitation, you will be charged a monthly fee of $39 or an annual fee of $199.

  1. Sell The Trend

Last but not least, Sell The Trend is a new product research tool, but its chances of becoming the best are good.

What separates this tool from the others discussed earlier in this article is the dropshipping AI-powered algorithm that enables you to view product trends across popular online marketplaces and e-commerce stores worldwide. 

If you choose to use Sell The Trend, you will get access to an extensive selection of the most trending products from AliExpress, Amazon, Facebook, and Shopify stores.

With this tool, you will find profitable items that are likely to ramp up your sales.

You can sign up for an account and enjoy a free 7-day trial period. Take this time to try out everything this tool offers and decide whether it is useful or not.

If you want to keep using it, Sell The Trend offers a monthly pricing plan of $39.97.

Final thoughts

Having all types of products is not a good option for your dropshipping business. Focusing on one winning product is a better idea. By doing so, you will target those buyers who are truly interested in the niche. 

But picking a niche or deciding what you are going to sell can be a daunting and time-consuming task, especially if you are new to the whole concept of dropshipping.


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It can either make or break your business. However, you should not let it intimidate you and prevent you from achieving your goals. 

We are here to help, so to simplify the process of choosing what to sell, we have collected and reviewed some of the top places to find products for dropshipping. Here you can find the best dropshipping podcasts where you can get product ideas for your next dropshipping store.

We hope this can help you determine what types of products provide the “perfect” solution for your dropshipping business. 

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